Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Monster love's you!!

This is my entry for the Lettering Delights January Calender challenge. Phew.... I made it! I actually made something and got it in on time. (((( BEE! I did it! I got something creative done!! TY)))))
Hehe  Sorry had to give a little shout out there!  Bee over at let me know about this really cool site! They have everything! Fonts, graphics, svgs! Really great prices too!! So, anyway.... she tells em I better enter cuz my mojo has really been kinda eeh lately and she knew a good challenge would get me going! And she was RIGHT!!  How cute is this!!  I just love this! I have been making my own decor lately and I jsut thought this would be a cute decor for valentines day! I have nothing as far as decor goes for Valentines day so this little frame is exactly what I needed!  I have all kinds of little ideas in my head now..... LOL  However, I have a birthday party for my turning 12 year old daughter this weekend and I have to make decorations for that still!   Yikes!! I need to get in gear!!!  

I used some cute valentines paper that was so kindly sent to me by a sweet little Bee! I added some glitter to a couple of the hearts. I gave the calender some demention with pop dots, glued some ribbon across the front and clipped some svgs from LD free Monsters Love svg set! 
The frame use to be a solid white but I took a nail file thingy ( those 4 sided foam ones) to it and distressed it! 



  1. Oh wow I love love this

  2. OMGosh...this is wonderful...look at all that work...this is something I would really want to keep out and you can since it is also a calendar....LOVE IT!!

  3. Way to go!!! <3 :-D And glad you had fun in the process!... ;-) (I'm proud of you for entering the challenge too! *pat on the back*)

  4. That is really stunning and soo creative. Has so many cute touches to it.. what an inspiration!

  5. This is wonderful, Cali! I know I'm behind on my blogging comments, but wanted to say hello, and this is great!! :0)

  6. Hooray....I found a project and it was worth searching out....fabulous.