Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome gift from ColorBok

I signed up for ColorBok awhile ago and they sent me a FREE welcome gift! YAY! I get so excited when I can get cheap or free crafty items! What is the Colorbok Bok Club? It’s a group of consumers (like me) who are active paper crafters & scrapbookers. From time to time we give them feedback on various topics related to papercrafting and other crafts including feedback on new products, designs and merchandising in exchange they offer tons of prizes and giveaways.

Over the weekend the UPS man showed up with a box. I couldn’t figure out what it was, I thought I know I have requested some samples but NO WAy they could of come that fast! I was surprised to see that it was my free gift for signing up with the Colorbok Bok Club. I am in love with this gorgeous 12x12 paper pack that they sent me. It’s called Truffle and it has the paper, stickers and punchouts. I am not sure where you can sign up to get your free gift but I am going to look into it. As son as I find the link I will post it. But it does pay to sign up for free stuff! Cuz sometimes you get really cool stuff!! Hmmm.... what to make with it now.......


  1. Indeed it's beautiful paper! Here's the link I shared back in June for the sign up:

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  3. I have bought their cardstock pack before at Walmart, it's only $5 and it's a nice textured 12X12 cardstock!... :-D
    I was able to sign up right now, THANKS!!

  4. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I have seen the paper at walmart!! OMG! DUH I didn't realize that it was the same company!!

    Your welcome! I was glad you signed up! Gotta show me what they send ya! BTW! It does take a while.