Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Monster love's you!!

This is my entry for the Lettering Delights January Calender challenge. Phew.... I made it! I actually made something and got it in on time. (((( BEE! I did it! I got something creative done!! TY)))))
Hehe  Sorry had to give a little shout out there!  Bee over at let me know about this really cool site! They have everything! Fonts, graphics, svgs! Really great prices too!! So, anyway.... she tells em I better enter cuz my mojo has really been kinda eeh lately and she knew a good challenge would get me going! And she was RIGHT!!  How cute is this!!  I just love this! I have been making my own decor lately and I jsut thought this would be a cute decor for valentines day! I have nothing as far as decor goes for Valentines day so this little frame is exactly what I needed!  I have all kinds of little ideas in my head now..... LOL  However, I have a birthday party for my turning 12 year old daughter this weekend and I have to make decorations for that still!   Yikes!! I need to get in gear!!!  

I used some cute valentines paper that was so kindly sent to me by a sweet little Bee! I added some glitter to a couple of the hearts. I gave the calender some demention with pop dots, glued some ribbon across the front and clipped some svgs from LD free Monsters Love svg set! 
The frame use to be a solid white but I took a nail file thingy ( those 4 sided foam ones) to it and distressed it! 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome gift from ColorBok

I signed up for ColorBok awhile ago and they sent me a FREE welcome gift! YAY! I get so excited when I can get cheap or free crafty items! What is the Colorbok Bok Club? It’s a group of consumers (like me) who are active paper crafters & scrapbookers. From time to time we give them feedback on various topics related to papercrafting and other crafts including feedback on new products, designs and merchandising in exchange they offer tons of prizes and giveaways.

Over the weekend the UPS man showed up with a box. I couldn’t figure out what it was, I thought I know I have requested some samples but NO WAy they could of come that fast! I was surprised to see that it was my free gift for signing up with the Colorbok Bok Club. I am in love with this gorgeous 12x12 paper pack that they sent me. It’s called Truffle and it has the paper, stickers and punchouts. I am not sure where you can sign up to get your free gift but I am going to look into it. As son as I find the link I will post it. But it does pay to sign up for free stuff! Cuz sometimes you get really cool stuff!! Hmmm.... what to make with it now.......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Country Wreath

I have been "country~fying my photo frames and decorating my fireplace mantel. I made this "country wreath" to go with my frames.
For the wreath I used ;
svgcuts  Birds and Birdhouses collection
I got this collection a while ago and haven't had a chance to use it. I embossed the houses and birds, gave'em a little ink and wa~la!
I used a free rose svg file from pennyduncancreations ( ty Penny)   ( you have to scroll down a bit to find them)
I had some other little trinkets from my mom and SIL so I used those.

I just added things as I went and somethings worked and somethings didn't but over all I like how it turned out.
I also clipped some thin branches from the trees and put them in my vase I have had forever and just couldn't figure out what to put in it. I think this is perfect!!!!  I also made a couple coffee filter roses ( coffee color) and add them to it as well!!!   LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OMGosh! I won blog candy!!!!

I am so stinking excited right now!!  I just won my very first ever blog candy over at     YAY!!!!   I cant wait to get it!   ahhhhhh.....  I am just tickled pink!!  


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From boring To adorable!

Here is another frame I just had to add a little something too!  I am just loving the ways these frames are coming out!!! I think I have a style going here with this twine stuff. I love that it gives it a kinda country feel. And since I live in the country .....hey! I gets it fits right in!!  
This is a pic of my hubby and the kiddos a few years ago! They were messing around and I just happen to capture this cute shot!