Friday, December 31, 2010

Sugar and spice and everything nice! These are a few of my new fav things!

Ok, so first of all I want to say Im a dummy!!! I didn't take before and after pictures.........ugh. But honestly I wasnt even trying when I made these. See my mojo has seriously failed me these last few months and I haven't done ANYTHING.....CRY!!! I didnt even make x~mas cards and I used reg'ol boring wrapping paper to wrap my gifts......gasp! I was even considering selling everything I own that had to to with crafting......(shreek) But I have since snapped out of it. ( I hope) lol I was at target the other day and I had a 10 gift card for there and so I picked up these dollar frames there (8x10) for my kids school pics i have been neglecting to put in frames. I had an old frame with no glass that I was just going to throw away. ( I had a pic in it but replaced it with shinny new glass included frame....haha) I set it on my craft table and next thing I knew I was dressing it up!!! I have never done this before and I LOVE it. I am hooked on this now and so I took another frame that has been collecting dust cuz the backing fell off and I never threw it away, and jazzed it up a bit as well and.....taaaa da!!! They are my favs now......I think my mojo is BACK!!!!!!! (sobs uncontrollably)


I am kicking myself now for not taking before and after pics. oh well! Im sure you all have seen a plain'ol frame b4! hehehe

mini photo shoot

Here are a few photos I took about a month ago when all the leaves just began to fall. My hubby and son were off playing with thier goKarts and lexi (my daughter) Zoey ( my doggy ) and I did a mini phto shoot in the front yard. LOL She was looking super cute and IDK I just felt like taking a few pics. I really loved how they turned out. We are doing another one real soon. I just hope I can get my son in on this one this time. I swear I have to bribe him to do "girly" things like a photo shoot! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I have a few more but these are my fav's!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Morning Sun & Zoey

I let my German Shepherd, Zoey out this morning and it was simply beautiful! Even she stopped for a min to appresheate the moment! I wished I had my better camera on hand, But all I had was my phone. At least I was able to capture the moment. I thought is was too pretty to keep to myself and decided to share with you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween star decor

I made a 5 point star out of 5 12x12 papers. Each star point is a piece of 12x12 card stock. 24 inch total in width ( I love stars and wated to make a nice big decor piece to go on my mantel.) I then cut a 10 inch circle out of the back piece of a paper pack. (You know the thin chipboard piece?) I used my hot glue gun and glued on the spanish moss to it. I used the haunted house, ghosts, skeletons, fence, spiders and the witch from the Spooky Silhouettes Collection over at One of the jack~O~ lanters is a svg freebie at and all the other elements I collected from differnet places. ( if anyone would like to know where I got any of the other ones I can track them down for you, I am trying to label the newest ones I have gotten from where I have gotten them from, but older ones....I haven't went back to re~do!) <<<----- thats a project for another day lol

I also used some really thin thin wire, ( my mom sent it to me so I can't say what kind, looks really old tho! LOL ) to put the witch, bats and ghosts "in flight". I also added some feathers for flare and inked everything I could. I had a bit of a challenge on this because a lot of things were black and I really needed to make things "pop". I had origanlly made the fence black but it blended to much so I made it a light gray and inked it black and pumpkin spice for a "rusty" look. I inked the moon and the glowing windows of the house. I really like the shading effect that it gave. everything that isn't black has a bit of inking on it. My pictures arn't that great. ( sorry)

Anyway~ I hope you like my entry and it inspires you to make some spook~tacular halloween decorations!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first ever diaper cake

Ok these are so stinking cute!!!!  I can't beieve I was able to do it!! You know they look really hard but theie NOT!!  LOL   I made this for my sweet sister in law and gave it to her at her baby shower on Aug 7th. I am late in posting this I know....( lifes been a little busy!) She LOVED IT!! I am super glad too!! hehehe 

Animal Letter Book

Over @ they had a challenge to make something using their cuddly animal set ( for sale @ ) I decided to make a little book for my nieces for when they come to visit. I created all the little animals from the set and then cut the beginning letter of each animal behind them. I can use this as a great learning tool for them, learning their letters and animals. They are super cute and perfect for a childs book! I really loved how this turned out.

The book is bound together with a binder ring

close up of the pages

Here I laid them all out so you can see each page

other side

Front all bound together!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boo Halloween pop up card

Ok So I went to a crop this weekend and though I didn't get much done...( too much talking and showing off scal and lol) I was able to make a couple things. I put together this card and it was the talk of the night!

I used the boo word A2 pop up card from, I used the ghost from the set plus a ghost, spider, haunted house from the Spooky Silhouettes Set also from

I also used a spiderweb and bat svg I got from somewhere ( sorry i am horrible about keeping track where I get stuff )
I inked the ghosts with orange and black ink then added a red gem to the spider. ( black widow spiders )
On the front of the card I embossed it with some ghosts. I am not sure how well you can see it in the pic. I used the ghost from the boo pop up card to make this folder.

Making your own embossing folders

I came across a youtube video about making your own embossing folders. You can make them a number of different ways. I tried this one that im posting but I used a little bit different materials. I just used a plastic sleeve I had laying around. It is a little bit heavier than a pager protector but honestly you can use just about anything. I also found one that you don't need the 2 sided folder type. You can just use an image that is cut from chipboard or the thinner stuff we use. Cereal boxes or like what is used in this video which is the cover of your paper packs, ( you could even use cardstock just double or triple it to give it some thickness and then use a foam piece with it. Like an old mouse pad or something. It just needs something to smoosh into to emboss it. ( make sense?) just search " make your own embossing folders" in the search bar on youtube. A ton of them pop up. I was going to make a video but there are so many out there I figured it wasnt needed. I thought this was really cool and wanted to share. Its a great way to cordinate your embossing to you svg cuts on your projects.

Here is ONE of MANY videos on Youtube showing exactly how to do this. There are many different ways. I am going to try a few different ones and I'll let ya know which is my fav! So far this one is great!!! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a new Auntie....again!!

My SIL just had her baby!! 
James John Allred the 3rd!!!! Born 9/2/10 @ 8:32 pm To Mr. and Mrs. James and Jessica Allred 6lbs 2 oz 19 inch!!!!! Im sooo excited!

I live 3 hours away so I will be heading up to see them tomorrow after kids get out of school!

Sorry I was sitting here just now when I got the call so naturally I had to share!!  Oh man I am so excited!! *tear!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Onesie Brag Book

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen.......Thank you to for the soon as I seen this idea I knew I had to make it for my sister in law. Her shower was Sat 8/7/10 and it was perfect!!! She has been wanting me to make her a little album. She loved it so much!!!  And I enjoyed making it for her!!! Thank You to everyone for all the inspiration!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here I used a file from LOVE LOVE THEM!! My daughter wanted a little something for her desk. I added some pics and made is a bouquet and a picture frame in one!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coffee Filter Roses

Ok so I just HAD to try the new "thing"   These flowers are amazing. Tricky at first but I think I have the hang of it now.  What do you think?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you card for gramma

I haven't done many cards. maaaybe 6 or 7 at most. I'll post the others later but here is the one I made my gramma. She gave me some wedding presants... so of course I had to make her a card. Very simple but it did it's job. I need more practice at this!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More beach page pics

Beach themed pages

Here are 3 Beach themed 12x12 pages I made recently. I have a friend that is opening a store and asked me to make some stuff to put in there to sell. Of course I said Yaaaaa!!! A chance to make a few bucks doing what I love? Is there any other answer but yes?!! lol So I been busy, busy, thinking of what I can make. I just got a new paper pack and it had some beachy papers in it, so thats where I started. I figured people are going to have summer pictures they are going to want to scrap. I am going to try and stay with the season but as you all know ( im sure) that doesnt always happen. Being very new to this I am unsure what I am going to charge. That is always the hardest part.....ugh! Anywayz......Here they are......

My 1st Post!!!!

Ok so here goes nothing.....
This is a Cancer poem book I made for my mother in law. She is currently a 1-1/2 surviver of breast cancer. I wanted to do something special for her and give her something that would help lift her spirits whenever she was having a bad day. The poem is called;
What Cancer Cannot Do
Cancer is so limited...It cannot cripple love.It cannot shatter hope.It cannot corrode faith.It cannot destroy peace. It cannot kill friendship.It cannot suppress memories.It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the Soul. It cannot steal eternal life.It cannot conquer the Spirit.