Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Why isn't there ever enough hours in the day??

Here is my TO DO LIST for today ( ok well this week cuz I know I'll never get it all done today  ~sigh~) 

*20 min training session with dog
*make some coffee filter roses for my house for V~day
*make something to enter for the SVGCUTS.COM/forum Feb challenge
*Finish my daughters wall saying. 
*make some cute decor for her newly painted room ( will post b4 and after pics later) 
*Post b4 and after pics of all the painting I have been doing  
*Post some pics of the birthday bannner I made for my daughters b~day party 
*have another cup of coffee!!!  hehehe
*Post a few things on my other blog  ( 
*figure out what to do with my ribbon
*paint my bathroom
*laundry ( ok this is an everyday thing with my monkeys hehehe) 
*clip the rest of my coupons & organize them
*go crazy  ( oh wait.... I think I have done that one  LOL ) 
*start the process of cleaning up ALL the leaves from fall around my house. Now that it is some what decent outside. ( next week is more rain tho) 

I have so much more to do than that ...... Like daily house cleaning duties and such but I wont bore you with that. I just had to post my to do list here so , well so I dont lose it!!!  LOL  
Anywayz~  What does your to do list look like?