Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween star decor

I made a 5 point star out of 5 12x12 papers. Each star point is a piece of 12x12 card stock. 24 inch total in width ( I love stars and wated to make a nice big decor piece to go on my mantel.) I then cut a 10 inch circle out of the back piece of a paper pack. (You know the thin chipboard piece?) I used my hot glue gun and glued on the spanish moss to it. I used the haunted house, ghosts, skeletons, fence, spiders and the witch from the Spooky Silhouettes Collection over at One of the jack~O~ lanters is a svg freebie at and all the other elements I collected from differnet places. ( if anyone would like to know where I got any of the other ones I can track them down for you, I am trying to label the newest ones I have gotten from where I have gotten them from, but older ones....I haven't went back to re~do!) <<<----- thats a project for another day lol

I also used some really thin thin wire, ( my mom sent it to me so I can't say what kind, looks really old tho! LOL ) to put the witch, bats and ghosts "in flight". I also added some feathers for flare and inked everything I could. I had a bit of a challenge on this because a lot of things were black and I really needed to make things "pop". I had origanlly made the fence black but it blended to much so I made it a light gray and inked it black and pumpkin spice for a "rusty" look. I inked the moon and the glowing windows of the house. I really like the shading effect that it gave. everything that isn't black has a bit of inking on it. My pictures arn't that great. ( sorry)

Anyway~ I hope you like my entry and it inspires you to make some spook~tacular halloween decorations!!!!


  1. Your star is absolutely boooootiful... I love it.....

  2. I LOVE it.....I think it is absolutely amazing!!!!

  3. WOWZERS!!! So much detail! AWESOME Girl!!!

  4. This is so cool. Cali! I missed the entire season of Halloween and Thanksgiving crafting because of our move, but am looking back through blogs. :)
    This is incredible! Nice work! Hope all is well in your world!