Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making your own embossing folders

I came across a youtube video about making your own embossing folders. You can make them a number of different ways. I tried this one that im posting but I used a little bit different materials. I just used a plastic sleeve I had laying around. It is a little bit heavier than a pager protector but honestly you can use just about anything. I also found one that you don't need the 2 sided folder type. You can just use an image that is cut from chipboard or the thinner stuff we use. Cereal boxes or like what is used in this video which is the cover of your paper packs, ( you could even use cardstock just double or triple it to give it some thickness and then use a foam piece with it. Like an old mouse pad or something. It just needs something to smoosh into to emboss it. ( make sense?) just search " make your own embossing folders" in the search bar on youtube. A ton of them pop up. I was going to make a video but there are so many out there I figured it wasnt needed. I thought this was really cool and wanted to share. Its a great way to cordinate your embossing to you svg cuts on your projects.

Here is ONE of MANY videos on Youtube showing exactly how to do this. There are many different ways. I am going to try a few different ones and I'll let ya know which is my fav! So far this one is great!!! 

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