Thursday, March 17, 2011

B-day Decor and Invite

So I have been a little lazy in posting this, but I am taking time for my crafting today. My Daughters B-day was in Feb.... So a month later isn't tooo bad! haha!
I made the invites to look like concert tickets , printing on both sides. These took a long time but I LOVE the end results! I had to do many many test prints. I am sure there is an easier way to do it but I am not aware of that! LOL  Anywayz~ I love them and she loved them so it was well worth the time.

Then I made her "happy birthday" banner. I made it to match the invites! It was so cool looking I sooo did not want to take it down.
I have the disco ball svg if anyone wants it. Just dont have an account set up so you can DL from my blog. ( someday  hehehe)  Just shoot me an email and I will be glad to sent it to ya.

I made some purple stars to dress up the the shinny star garlin I got at the dollar store. I embossed them with the star folder and colored in all the black parts and also sanded the star to give it a 3d color look.

I am very pleased with this and had a blast making it.    Enjoy!


  1. Now that is cool! I feel bad that I didn't doll up the house for my son after seeing what you did....I just won't let him know people do things like you to make the day fun...haha

  2. That is awesome, Cali! I'm with Cely....I just won't tell my son that peo[le do this, either.....he'll never know! *wink*wink*

  3. Cool!! :-D I'm glad you had fun in the process, we need to see a little more crafts on that blog!! ;-)

  4. SOOOOOOO cool :) Love this idea! You're such a good mama, Cali! :)